Achilles’71 Is looking for Trainers/Coaches!

Are you ready to become part of the line-up of enthousiastic and ambitious coaches we have at Achilles’71? Now is the time!

We’re still looking for coaches for the following 3 teams:
Team: Men U22-1
Level: 1st Class
Description: Our men under 22 team is a group of talented first year u22 players who ended last season in the top of the 1st class of the u20 age category. We’re looking for a coach with a BT3 license or a BT2 license with the ambition of getting a BT3 license within the club to train and coach this team to succes in the upcoming season(s)!

Men senior 2nd team
Level: 2nd Class
Description: We are going to try and add a brand new team to our line up of mens teams this year! This team is going to fill a place in the 2nd class since the 1st team will leave this class after this seasons promotion to 1st class, effectively covering 3rd, 2nd and 1st class with mens teams! For this team we’re looking for a coach with at least a BT2 license.

Men senior 3rd team
Level: 3rd Class
Description: This team has found a good balance between fun and competitive spirit for years within our organization and is competitive in the 3rd class year after year. For training/coaching of our mens 3rd team we are not requiring a trainers license, however, we do expect you’ll be able to organise and guide a practise and you know enough about the sport to coach games.

If you’re interested or have any more questions feel free to contact our head TC(Dennis Williams)
Phone: 0624846125

*All positions will be compensated accordingly.
**For the latter 2 teams we recommend you also familiarize yourself with the following Achilles’71 club policy