Wedstrijdverslagen Preview: Oefenwedstrijd Heren 4 VS BAL Heren 3

11-09-2021Achilles'71 Hs4 VS BAL Hs363 - 71(L)
11u30Sporthal BoshovenWeert

Quarter 1
After a sloppy warmup with flat balls, the game started off on a slow pace. Both teams didn’t score much and there were few fast breaks. However BAL was able to keep the score high due to their accurate 3 point play. Without proper defensive close outs we simply had to watch them score. Lucky for us we had Tseka (#3) carrying us to limit the damage.
Score: 15-10

Quarter 2
With a more aggressive defense we made sure to keep BAL’s scoring low while Alex (#32) was able to help us take the lead with his rebounds and put backs. However after some experimental top-heavy and bottom-heavy swaps the turnovers skyrocketed making us both lose the lead and seemingly the spirit.
Score: 30-26

Quarter 3
After a calm break and the repetitive words “close out, close out, close out” the team reset with the starting 5. This gave Darius (#7) the chance to get us back into the game and inspired Eduard (#5) to also let loose and destroying in offence. Unfortunately, BAL stayed focussed and played a flawless transition game to keep up the score.
Score: 51-45

Quarter 4
The energy seemed high. Players where ready to go. Under which Dominykas (#13), who was persistent and successful to score. Unfortunately the transition game of BAL was too much for our team, making us loose 15 points in 5 minutes! Yet after a frustrated time out call of coach Immanuel this ended completely. However, the damage was already done. While we systematically worked hard and put back 10 points, we simply where already too far behind. And without a final press we ended losing the match.
Score: 63-71