Wedstrijdverslagen 20/21 November

20-11-2021Achilles'71 HS2 VS BBF Migliore HS159 - 77(L)
14u15Den ButterRijen

21-11-2021Achilles'71 XU12-1 VS BC Lieshout XU12-137 - 47(L)
10u00De HongermanNuenen

21-11-2021Achilles'71 XU10-1 VS BC Oirschot XU10-143 - 37(W)
10u30Sportcentrum De KemmerOirschot

21-11-2021Achilles'71 HS4 VS Springfield'75 HS178 - 73(W), Overtime
12u00De HongermanNuenen

Four season records were broken when Achilles’71 MSE4 (4-3) mens won the daunting battle after overtime at Nuenen 78 : 73. (9 : 15, 23 : 17, 17 : 22, 19 : 14, 10 : 5)
Martin Zobl, Vishwanath Nagnath Pai, Alex Ceano and Vit Zapletal had their season nights to help the home side win the battle against Springfield’75 MSE 1 (5-2).

In this game Achilles’71 played without Dominykas Gustas, Darius Liaukus, David Manga Llorente and Kent Odango.

In the game, the bench played a crucial role, contributing 29 points. Vit Zapletal, who started the game of the bench, scored his season best 9points out of which 3 were in overtime. His previous best performance was on the 3rd of October against Fanatics ‘71 MSE 2 where he collected 7 points.
Team captain Alex Ceano showed his incredible shooting from deep with 4 3-pointers and 19 points totally. The Spanish player hit two three pointers in the last quarter and helped his team to go to overtime.

To add who also were on season best: Martin Zobl with 15 points and Vishwanath Nagnath Pai who collected 10 points.

Springfield started the scoring with a shot from inside the 3point line. They were answered by our Captain Alex Ceano, who opened the scoring for the home team with two deep threes. Springfield’75 had answered that with successful penetrations which led to a 0 – 9 run with no answer from our black-and-blue men. Both teams were running back to back for transition offenses and with last shot from Martin Zobl, the quarter was finished at 9 : 15.

In the second quarter, the home team began to claw their way back into the game with quick shots from Martynas, Vishwanath and Vit. The second unit was able to apply the pressure defensively and the quarter ended with both teams level on points at 32.

An intense battle had begun in the paint where the men in black-and-blue had the right plays prepared by the coach. Martynas Medziavepris and Eduard Slama grabbed very important rebounds and together collected 10 points to do so most of them from three throw line. That helped opponents to get some easy transition baskets and finish the quarter 5 points ahead at 49 : 54.

Fortunately, Achilles kept going thanks to two very important threes by Alex Ceano. The three bigs (Alex, Eduard and Vishwanath) hustled for rebounds and created a strong defensive impact. The home side charged over 9 team fouls for the opponents thus creating an offensive impact as well. Towards the end of the game, Springfield was leading by 2 points with 15 seconds on the clock. A post play by Eduard resulted in a crucial foul which led to two game changing free throws by the big man. The game was then square at 68 and overtime was here.

Springfield had an early lead when they scored the first points after the break. However Vit, Martin and Eduard scored a combined 10 points which swung the game in the favor of the home side. With some good defense, the home team managed to pull off the comeback win!

Alex Ceano – 19 points (4 3-pointers made. Career personal), Martin Zobl – 15points (season best), Eduard Sláma – 12 points, Vishwanath Nagnath Pai – 10 points (season best), Martynas Medžiavepris – 10 points, Tserendorj Erdenechimeg – 3points, Robertas Grigas and Alexey Sidelnikov didn’t score.

21-11-2021Achilles'71 XU14-1 VS Vido XU14-121 - 51(L)
12u00De HongermanNuenen

21-11-2021Achilles'71 HS1 VS BC Kimbria Hs158 - 55(W)

Na een zwaar bevochten verlies 2 weken geleden in Weert waren de heren van ons Shield of Achilles hongerig voor winst deze zondag tegen het eerste herenteam van BC Kimbria. Onze heren waren compleet dit weekend, 12 man sterk en ook zonder publiek klaar om alles te geven.

1e Kwart
Center Bart Ponte opende de scoring voor Achilles’71 deze zondag en bleek al snel een lastige match-up voor Kimbria. Onze heren pakken een vroege voorsprong na open driepunters van Leroy van Eijk en Alex Scale, maar er vallen ook een aantal schoten aan de kant van Maastricht waardoor de wedstrijd gelijk op blijft lopen in de eerste periode. 14 – 15; voordeel Kimbria.

2e Kwart
In het tweede kwart zet forward Dexter van Kimbria zijn reeks aan rake schoten door voor het laatst deze wedstrijd. Hij scoort 7 punten dit kwart tegen onze heren maar verder niet meer voor de rest van de wedstrijd. Aan de andere kant weten 6 van onze heren dit kwart punten op het bord te brengen onder meer door effectieve passing en aanvallende rebounds van Tosha GommersJob Stikkelbroeck en Hasan Mutlu Dikinci. Bij rust is de score doorgetrokken naar een 31 – 31 gelijkstand.

3e Kwart
Het derde kwart begint met een hoop energie verdedigend, maar de schoten vallen maar niet voor het Shield of Achilles, waardoor er maar 6 punten gescoord worden door onze heren dit kwart. Ondertussen begint guard Pau aan de kant van Maastricht langzaam op te warmen met wat gecontroleerde penetraties door de Nuenense verdediging heen, resulterend in gebalanceerde contact-scores en een score van 37 – 45 bij aanvang van het vierde kwart.

4e Kwart
Kenmerkend voor ons heren 1 team was er geen schijn van overgave te bekennen door de achterstand bij periode-aanvang. Ondanks verdere scoring uit drives van de Kimbriase Pau, die in totaal 18 punten scoorde voor de wedstrijd voor Kimbria, werd er in de verdediging harder gewerkt door onze mannen dan dat Maastricht zich raad mee wist. In de tweede helft van de laatste periode scoort Achilles’71 15 punten achter elkaar tegenover 3 punten vanuit Kimbria, waarmee de leiding en het momentum van de wedstrijd teruggepakt wordt door onze heren. In het laatste kwart weten wederom 6 verschillende spelers vanuit Achilles’71 punten op het bord te zetten onder leiding van 5 punten vanuit Bart en 5 punten vanuit Maikel Boons, comeback compleet met een eindscore van 58 – 55!

Volgend weekend zit er voor het Shield of Achilles een seizoensbepalende wedstrijd aan te komen wanneer de ongeslagen Black Eagles uit Rosmalen naar Nuenen afreizen voor de eerste match-up met Achilles’71 van het seizoen. Bij winst van onze heren klimmen we weer terug naar een gedeelde eerste plaats in de competitie, bij verlies versterkt Rosmalen zijn positie als koploper.

Scoring: Bart Ponte – 14, Leroy van Eijk – 12, Tosha Gommers – 10, Maikel Boons – 6, Alex Scale – 6, Derriel James – 3, Hasan Mutlu Dikinci – 3, Job Stikkelbroeck – 2, Stacho Garay – 2, Jaap Mutsaers – 0, Andre Smeets – 0, Lars Rutten – 0.

21-11-2021Achilles'71 DS1 VS BC Bumpers DS234 - 57(L)
14u00De HongermanNuenen
On 21 November our Achilles DS1 played center court against BC Bumpers DS2. Center court brought some anticipation to the match, mainly in terms of most likely having to do a lot of running. Luckily we had 9 players available including two new members: Ariel (#14) and Seray (#13).
Quarter 1:
It was clear from the start our advantage in this game would not come from length but from the agility of our players. We started out with playing a full court press, immediately putting pressure on the person bringing up the ball. Even though the opponent was able to score the first couple of points in quarter one this strategy on the defense was working well, with a lot of intercepts and possibilities for us to run offences. Karin (#11) was able to hit a free throw after a foul and Egidija (#35) made a normal score finishing up the quarter with 3 points on the board from our side.
Score: 3-8
Quarter 2:
From Q1 it was clear that it was difficult for our offence to break through to the ring to actually make points. With assistance from Coach Dennis we started to experiment with our offensive strategy and positioning. Switching up our plays left the opposing team guessing, creating more openings for us to get through and the points on the board started to rise at a decent pace. Scores by many people in the team, Yvonne (#5), Hannah (#9), Melike (#37), Karin (#11) as well as the first score as part of our team by Ariel (#14)!
Score: 21-26
Quarter 3:
We stuck to the strategy of Q2 with more experimentation in our offence which was still paying off. Early Q3 we were able to get to a score of 26-26 with still quite some hope that we could win this game. The BC Bumpers unfortunately started to play a closer and closer zone defense which again made it more difficult to get through. This was countered by 3 three-pointer shots by Melike (#37). This was not enough though as the opposing team in the end started to get the speed advantage with one of their stronger players running fast break after fast break.
Score: 32-40
Quarter 4:
This storyline continued in Q4, with us not able to get through their close zone defense and the counter fast break from the opponent increasing the point difference even higher.
We lost the match but it showed learning points for everyone involved. Especially in the first two and a half quarters it showed we could control the pace of the match, play strategically and adapt to the situation together as a team. We did not know the opponents beforehand, now that we have played them we can prepare accordingly for next time.
Score: 34-57

21-11-2021Achilles'71 HS3 VS BC Heeze HS133 - 63(L)
15u15De PompenmakerHeeze

Road game in Heeze: Jan-Pieter van Soest debut, 50 shots from the field missed and Bas van Esch was one shot away from first career double-double.

Achilles’71 The Immortals (1-3) lost 33 : 63 (8 : 13, 7 : 15, 11 : 13, 7 : 22) at BC Heeze (3-2). Bas van Esch had 8 points and grabbed 11 rebounds in 34 minutes and was one show away from first career double-double, but it wasn’t enough for men in black-and-blue to finish 7 weeks of road games series with the win.
In debut game Jan-Pieter van Soest played 8 minutes, grabbed three rebounds and missed all shots (0/1 FG, 0/1 3PT). Our gentlemen made 9 field goals out of 39 attempted and made 5 three point shots out of 25 in total.

3/20 field goal to start the game wasn’t the offence our men wanted but due to good defense opponents were able to score only on transition finishing the quarter up by 5 at 8 : 13.

Hard fouls and falls, closing down opponents was the story in second quarter but the basketball ball for our men in black-and-blue still was going out but not in. Only two shots from deep went in by Clinton Carter and Nick van den Ven and quarter was lost 7 : 15 going to half time at 15 : 28.

The net finally opened and Bas van Esch scored quick two baskets in a row following with Clint Carter jump-shot. But no more help received Achilles The Immortals lost third quarter 11 : 13 at result 26 : 41.

Captain Nick van den Ven and Xavier Robinson tried to get team fired up with their hustling efforts and made shots but our men couldn’t get closer than 10 points to Heeze whose found their scoring leaders and completely closed the game by scoring 22 in last quarter with final result 33 : 63.

„Achilles’71 The Immortals“: Clinton Carter 13 points (4 rebs, 3/5 3PT), Nick van den Ven 8 points (4rebs), Bas van Esch 8 points (11 rebs – season personal best, 2 turnovers), Christos Kougianos – 2 points (1 reb), Xavier Robinson – 2 points (11 rebs – season personal best, 2 steals), Ibrahim Sharbat, Laurens Aelberts, Pim van Hoof (5 rebs, 1 steal), Martin Zobl, Jan-pieter van Soest and Vishwanath Nagnath Pai didn’t scored. Yorick van der Horst didn’t play.

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